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With eyeZy, you’ll have some of the most advanced safety features on the planet in your hands. It’s the best way to help keep your kids safe at home, on the web, and on the go.

EyeZy has all you need & must have

We’re on a mission to let families be informed and ready to take action when they have to. All that is possible with eyeZy features for life at home and on the go — all in one place. That’s why we offer peace of mind designed for modern life, including a full range of support from real people.


Wondering where they are? Fire up eyeZy and you’ll know right away, with location-accurate information that updates every 30 seconds

Action Buttons

If they’re in trouble, eyeZy makes it easy for them to let you know. One push of the Panic Button and you’ll receive an alert that lets you know something’s wrong


Stop worrying about who they’re connecting with. eyeZy lets you peek into their Contacts to find out exactly who they’re talking to


Are they coming and going safely? eyeZy lets you know. It alerts you when they leave or arrive at destinations that you choose

Installed Apps

Curious about what’s installed on their phone? eyeZy lifts the curtains and lets you know

Search History

Are they searching for something you don’t approve of? eyeZy shows you their detailed Google search history, so you’ll always be in the know

App Usage

If they’re using an app more than you’d like, eyeZy can tell you with detailed app usage information

App Blocking

Don’t want them using a specific app? In just a few taps, you can block them from using it

3 easy steps to get started


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Get a subscription

Just hit the Subscribe button in the app and you’ll have access to a suite of powerful safety features

Install and Link

It's easy to set up eyeZy on your phone and your child’s phone. Then just link the devices and you’re good to go
					with eyeZy

Kudos from eyeZy Customers

Nobody knows us better than our loyal customers who already enjoy complete peace of mind. Here are some of the reviews we get from them daily.



I absolutely love the panic button. It helps my kids feel safe when they’re walking home from school. Worth the price for that feature alone



The location tracker is really accurate. I’ve tried others and I’ve always been disappointed (one app told me my son was at the mall when he was clearly with me at home lol) but eyeZy reveals the truth. Thanks!


Lyon, France

What I really like about eyeZy is that I don’t really have to constantly open the app and actively monitor them. I can set specific locations and eyeZy tells me when they arrive or leave. Very cool



Being able to see their contacts is really helpful, especially for my teen daughter who has a habit of connecting with strangers and totally trusting them



My son used the panic button after falling off his bike. I’m thankful for eyeZy


Lyon, France<

Love love love the geo-alerts. I set one for a local hangout that I did not want my daughter attending. eyeZy let me know when she was there and I was able to catch her in a lie

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